Vinyl Lettering vs Custom Vehicle Wraps

In todays vehicle graphics industry there are a vast amount of options for marketing your business. Sometimes you don’t need to wrap your whole vehicle, and just do a partial vehicle graphics. Lets analyze the differences on the emergency plumbing truck and the van for channel 54. The village plumbing vehicle was created in vinyl lettering. Vinyl lettering is a roll of a solid color that is cut into letters and numbers. Vinyl lettering can’t have gradients of different colors to make another color. If you notice, all of the lettering is solid (red, blue, and black). This process is the most cost effective way to promote your business. When we mention the word cost effective that does not mean that we use cheap material. We simply use good material that won’t fade and peel.

Vehicle graphics is another option for your promotion vehicle. To be more specific this is called vehicle wraps. This is when the vehicle is completely covered with pictures, graphics, backgrounds and logos.

When designed carefully, printed on high end 3M material, and installed by a certified installer, you get a vehicle that attract more business. The print process is simple, we print in rolls (sticker material). Once we print, and laminate the art work in sections, we line up the graphics and overlap (so the graphic is joined on a perfect line. Once the sticker vehicle graphics is placed, we start to cut, heat, and apply with different tools of the trade. The final piece is a eye catching marketing vehicle that will attract more potential costumers. Parked at a central location, you can attract between two thousand – three thousand impressions a day.