Press Walls

Press walls are cost effective and brings prestige to your next event. Add a red carpet and your event will be high class and professional. Here are some uses for step and repeat walls. Make your event look like a Hollywood life style to a birthday party by including a step and repeat banner system. Everybody will have fun taking pictures and will always be remembered. Are you opening a new business soon? Make your business opening be super eclectic by adding a pres wall system. Invite your friends family to take pictures. By having your website as backdrop logo, your friends and family will take pictures, post them on my space, plaxo, facebook, and linkedin. Those pictures with your logo on the media wall just got you free advertising. A media wall for your charity event will bring more creditability for the event. Institutions that donate money can have their logo on the step and repeat. Make event professional while making the companies that donated money feel good for the help they gave. Is your business going to be exhibiting products and services? Then a press wall is the way to go! Make your website big, have your products stand out, and look professional for the next trade show event.

Need Help Setting Up?

We can fabricate, print and install any press wall size that you may need. We also offer:

  • Velvet ropes
  • Red Carpet Systems
  • Lighting

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