Custom Poster Printing

poster1Weather if its short run printing on posters, big quantity or a custom print job, imagination works can execute these jobs in-house. Imagination works has been perfecting poster printing since 2001. Our state of the art facility can produce as six feet wide poster printing, and produce thousands of posters next day if needed. We usually use 100-pound poster printing, glossy poster paper or matt finish poster paper. Our technology printing service can be printed on our litho press or our digital printer. The uses for custom poster printing is for one simple reason, to promote your business sales and to let the end user know any on going sales that the business may have. Before hiring a custom poster printing company give us a call first. We can consult what quantity and size is best for your project.

Digital Printing

poster2With our digital printer, we can print as low as one poster per job. This process does not require to create plates, and setting the machine that would take an hour just for prepping. It is always better to print in low quantity poster printing with our digital machine.

Printing On The Press

poster3With our press, we can print thousands of posters per hour. To print only 30 posters would be very costly because of the prepping and producing plates for the printer. This process would be ideal for over 1,000 posters.