Step And Repeat

Have a Step and repeat at your next special event. Usually Step and repeat are used at red carpet events (Hollywood parties, premieres, record label parties). However step and repeats can be used illuminate a graduation party, grand opening, charity event or weddings.As you can see this media wall was used for a graduation party and was used to take photography with friends and family to make it more memorable. Adding lighting will enhance the media wall and make an effect of a Hollywood party. With our experience graphic designers, we can design and print anything that the client needs for their media wall back drop.

Step And Repeat To Promote Products

Step and repeat can be used also in promoting products or services in the food and beverage sector. Pit Bull energy bar used step and repeat systems to have them as back drops when selling their products at costo and sams club. This will enhance and catch the attention to the consumer. If you are promoting a product at a store or a convention use a media wall to attract your prospect.