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MarketingAnother great marketing print campaign is using lawn signs. This marketing printing technique is very cost effective, and is easy to do. You can put them by the freeways, lawns, and other outdoor locations. The material is called coroplast, and its printed directly to the material. The “h stakes” is also included. The h stakes is what connects the sign and the ground together.

Before you go further in ordering printing collateral, you should get a basic idea of what type of work of business printing will work for you.

For example: There is Radio advertising, cable television, mailing flyers by the thousands, web design, advertising in the yellow book, wrapping your vehicle, and to name a few. With todays economy its hard to pick which is the perfect advertising avenue for your business.

Lets take a look further in what marketing printing options are out for you. Yellow pages is almost non existing for business to consumer. Everybody is on the web, and the next generation is becoming more internet savvy Its more cost effective to have a website and paying for updating the site that buying a full page ad for $10,000 a year (oppose to paying 5,000 a year and get true results using the internet).

Another avenue of advertising is radio and television. This works if the consumer is listening to the radio or the right channel. It is costly to produce, to run, and a one time deal. However, wrapping your vehicle you can have over 2,000 consumers see your advertising a day. And the best thing about it, the wrap lasts for over three years on your vehicle.

Other Marketing Printing Methods

A positive marketing printing avenue is to purchase a good list of your potential clients, and send them a postcard and promoting specials, products and special services. This method is a numbers game.If you create a great promo card, and have a great list, and do about 5,000 mailers it would have a return of fifty prospects with an average twenty leads materializing. This rate of success is based on how good the list is, and how good the promotion is.Example: This promotion card was well put together, along with a great prospect list. The result was generating over twenty thousand in sales.However not all business work with postcard mailers. We can de term in if this will work for your business or not.


Marketing Consultation

We have a professional marketing professionals that have over ten years of print marketing experience to assist you on your next print project. If you are not sure in what you need for your business, we can assist you and give you options that will maximize your marketing print project. We have case studies and documentation in the past five years to share with clients.

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