Litho Print

Litho printing (press Printing) is a complex printing process that takes experience and craftsmanship. Once artwork has been completed by the client, we take the image and then it is outputted into four plate machine. There are four plates that have to be made (to make a full color poster). Each drum will give a percentage of the ink it needs to make a full color image. The print process can be executed within hours. A 5,000 poster print job that is 18 by 24 can be printed,cut, and boxed in one to two days. If you use the same print quantity using a digital machine, it will take you seven working days, and will cost literally ten times more then using a printing press. A digital printer is like your home printer (but ten times bigger) that uses a printer head that goes sided by side. So if it takes four seconds to print a legal document, just imagine how long a big poster will take.

Visual example How Press Printing Works

Printing plates are made for each of four colors. These four colors make all the shades and colors of the world.
When The paper goes trough the print drums, each drum will print value of cyan, magenta, yellow and black. When all colors combine, you get a high quality print job.
After the print has been sitting on the floor to dry, then we print and box up.