Foam Board Printing

Whether it’s a menu board sign, indoor sign, or an advertising signs, and you want it to look perfect in your business, then foam board printing is the best solution for you. Foam board printing is a layer of foam with the outer part to be finished with thick surface. This material can be mounted with double sided tape, and other adhesive solutions. Usually foam board printing is used for temporary tradeshows retail signs, advertising signs, menu signs, and any indoor signs. It can also be used for point of sale display system for mass production. With our flat bed printer, we can print the point of sale systems, and cut in house with in hours when needed. The point of sale displays can be laminated when needed. The material can be drilled, cut into a shape, mounted on double sided tape, and mounted on metal rods. Other names for this practice is called point of sale display, point of sale systems, directional signs, wall mounts, menu board signs, advertising sign, and funeral boards. If you need a quote or a site survey call us for an appointment. We have different sizes and thickness that we can produce for your next event.