Break Away Banners

Break away banners pull apart as players run into the field. Which means our unique fabrication and construction on a break away banner means it is reusable for many sporting events. Simply reattach the banner sections at the Velcro patterns seams, and pull it up. When finished, roll the banner up and store it for the next sports event. Each banner has pole pockets (that holds the banner and the pvc pole together) that will with- stand the pressure when the player run trough the break away banner.Imagination works offers graphic design for the break away banners, and a limited 1 year warranty on all break way banners from defects, and workmanship.

We offer different sizes to accommodate your needs and wants. We also offer championship banners to hang in the high school gym. All championship banners are constructed in heavy duty banners material with grommets or pole pockets. We will guarantee that we will match color quality and price on your next championship banner order. If you don’t see what you need at our site, please call us and we may accommodate your request.

How to Install a Break Away Banner

  • Menu Design
  • Line Up both break away banners together
  • find the velcro pieces on both sides of the break away banner
  • Line up both pieces and slowly (with your hands) apply both sides of the velcro
  • Once all velcro is safely attached, pull both sides up.
  • Gently pull each side (away from each other) until the banner is completely straight.
  • Once its done, simple roll the banners to the pvc pols (like a fruit roll up) and store them for the next game.