What is a Logo? Do I Need One?

Logo DesignA logo is a unique form of shapes and colors that combine to a trademark or brand. Usually professional designers use typeface/font, and arranges in a unique, but easy to read/understand. It should always be distinctive from others in the same business.A logo should should have a special meaning that portraits the business or in situ ti on. business. For example if your business is a high end bakery shop, you would want to use script type face/font and some elements like eggs, bakers hat, mixer, milk, ext. When choosing a logo for your establishment, make sure the logo has consistent theme.

A logo should flow perfectly with your T-shirts, business cars, postcards, web site, folders and other marketing materials. Without a logo, consumers will never identify you or your business. Remember, without a logo, your business will be lost in a the shuffle guaranteed.