Window Printing

When you need to produce a point of sale system campaign, or just need to promote your business products on a large scale, then we recommend printing with coroplast. This material is a light weight plastic with a honey comb finish to it. This material is water resistant, and resistant to U.V. rays from the sun (perfect for outdoor signage). One of the uses for coroplast is for printing lawn signs. A lawn signs is a full color message that can be attached to an “h” frame and then can be posted and be inserted into grass, soft dirt, or soft soil. Mostly these signs are used for political messages, promote a sale or used for a special on restaurant food items. Coroplast can be cut into any shape and size when needed. Most outdoor signage is used for energy drink, soda, and food promotions. Other names for this style of printing is called Yard signs, cheap yard signs, political yard signs, coroplast sign, out door signage, point of sale display, point of sale systems, point of purchase display, and lawn signs. With our flat bed printer, we can print direct and print directly to the coroplast sign, and have it delivered two to three days. Since these outdoor signage systems are small, the city does not require a permit to be mounted on the streets or lawns.

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