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The agreement contains a formal set of high-level principles that guide the partnership between the ministry and the in the representation of local councils and engage both parties: Thomas Duryea Logicalis (TDL) announced today that he has recently been awarded the contract to maintain the VMware Enterprise License Agreement from the Victoria Municipal Association (MAV). The agreement marks ten years of ongoing partnership between TDL, VMware and victorian councils. It reiterates its commitment to the Ministry and the municipal sector to strengthen cooperation, consultation and engagement. The objectives of the partnership agreement are achieved through annual action plans agreed by the department and the VCOSS, which is responsible for promoting the partnership on behalf of the sector. The agreement between the federal government and the local government of Victoria brings into force in Victoria the national intergovernmental agreement on the transfer of costs. The agreement strengthens the relationship between the state and local government by formally committing to principles and guidelines that would further clarify roles, responsibilities and financial arrangements. For the acquisition of Dunakeszi, the agreement to acquire 90% of the shares previously held by MNV National Asset Management Agency and Railways was signed in November 2019. In May 2020, the national competition authority agreed to the merger. As part of the project, a transfer of technology and production will begin between the Dunakeszi plant and the TVZ plant in Russia, where the second half of the coaches will be manufactured for Egypt. The Partnership Agreement recognizes the community sector as an important partner of the Ministry in developing policies, providing services and improving outcomes for all Victorians, particularly those at risk or at a disadvantage. In September 2018, the Ministry`s Secretary and the CEO of the Victorian Council of Social Service (VCOSS) signed the Department-Victorian Community Sector Partnership Agreement 2018-22, which updated the 2014-2018 Partnership Agreement. The partnership agreement between the ministry and the defines the mutual support between the ministry and the Victoria Municipal Association: this agreement is based on a model of commitment that emphasizes cooperation and commitment to the following principles: information about our partnerships with community groups and bodies. The implementation of the activities of the group of companies is highly coordinated; Railway operations, passenger transport and assistance services are structurally separated.

Thus, the passenger transport sector focuses on the requirements of passengers, while infrastructure management deals with operation, maintenance and development.. . . .

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