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Background: The European Union (EU) has expressed interest in examining a bilateral investment protection agreement (BIPA) with India, which would be disconnected from the draft free trade agreement (FTA) if the ongoing negotiations are pending. A total of 18 agreements were signed, covering a wide range of topics, from skills development and aeronautics to education, science and technology. Rules-based world: this term is gaining importance in a context where the United States is withdrawing its promises on the Paris climate agreement and the likelihood of an Iranian nuclear deal It is an international trade pact signed between nations with the aim of removing or eliminating barriers to trade and promoting international trade. These agreements generally focus on the provision of preferential tariff agreements. The commanders-in-chief appointed were General Jean de Lattre de Tassigny (France) as C-in-C, Land Forces, Air Chief Marshal Sir James Robb (UK) as C-in-C, Air Forces and Vice-Admiral Robert Jaujard (France) for the Navy, as Flag Officer Western Europe. [11] Volume 3 of Nigel Hamiltons Life of Montgomery of Alamein gives a good report on the differences between Montgomery and de Lattre, which caused much discomfort at headquarters. The separation of a separate investment protection agreement from the bilateral free trade agreement – formally called the Large-Scale Free Trade and Investment Agreement (BTIA), which is currently under negotiation, will make it possible to sign the investment protection pact even in the absence of progress under the BTIA. India and the EU expect to promote bilateral trade by removing barriers to trade in goods and services as well as investment in all economic sectors. Both sides believe that a comprehensive and ambitious agreement, in line with WTO rules and principles, would open up new markets and expand opportunities for Indian and European companies. .

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