Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement And Associated Implementation Procedures For Licensing

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On 1 May 2011, the US-EU Cooperation Agreement on Civil Aviation Safety Regulation came into force. 3.3.2. For each design authorization, the contracting parties develop a certification program based on the work procedures defined by the Joint Certification Committee. The parties agree that, for the purposes of this proceeding, the respective standards of the contracting parties with respect to the certification of maintenance personnel are considered equivalent. b) Applicability. This section does not apply to U.S. aeronautical products that are maintained or amended under a bilateral agreement between Canada and a country other than the United States. An exporting party, through its competent authority responsible for the implementation of this procedure, issues an airworthiness export certificate for a new aircraft certifying that the aircraft has become a mass exodus.

Thousands of pilots have embarked on this path to improve aviation safety and be able to fly EN IFR in Europe. In addition to airworthiness certification, bilateral aviation security agreements offer bilateral cooperation in a wide range of areas, including maintenance, air operations and environmental certification. With regard to aircraft certification, an additional document, an airworthiness implementation process, is being developed on certain areas, such as design approvals, production activities, export airworthiness authorization, design and technical cooperation. The parties agree that the certification practices and procedures of the competent authorities of each party provide, for the purposes of this proceeding, equivalent evidence of compliance with the requirements covered by paragraph 1. The exporting party executes all new engines and propellers with an approved recommissioning certificate in accordance with its legislation and procedures. In addition to airworthiness certification, basas, MoUs and WAs offer bilateral cooperation in other areas of aviation, including maintenance, air operations and environmental certification. Article 12 of BASA EU-USA states that the agreement stipulates that “…… the United States` civil aviation regulatory system, as it is applicable in the United States of America, and, on the other hand, the European Community`s civil aviation regulatory system, as applied in areas where the Treaty establishing the European Community applies […]. Therefore, the agreement does not apply to Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, which are EASA Member States and members of the EESA Board of Directors, but are not Member States of the European Union. Schedule of Implementation Procedures (SIP) is the procedure document similar to an IAP assigned to some BAAs.

It facilitates the authorization process for aircraft and other aircraft imported or exported between the United States and a foreign country. IN THE PURPOSE to promote civil aviation safety, environmental quality and compatibility and facilitate the exchange of civil aviation products, 6.2. In the event of disagreement between the parties over the effectiveness of the measures taken, the notifying party may require the other party to take immediate steps to prevent the organization from carrying out, under its control, maintenance tasks for civil aviation products. If the other party does not take these measures within fifteen working days of the request of the notifying party, the powers conferred on the competent authority of the other party in accordance with this procedure are suspended until the matter is satisfactorily resolved by the joint committee in accordance with the provisions of the agreement. Pending the adoption by the Joint Committee of a decision on this matter, the notifying party may take all the measures it deems necessary to prevent the organization from carrying out, under its control, tasks of maintenance of civil aviation products.

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