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Window Signs

Window Signs

Are advertisements or announcement printed on the windows of a vehicle or even an establishment? It has several usages however, some uses it as a form of advertisement, some use it to minimize the sunlight that come thru it or even to block the sight and have some privacy instead of using blind and curtains and some use it for decorative purposes only.

 A window sign which is being used for commercial purposes has a lot of advantages. It can generate or create millions of advertising ideas every year. It is considered a unique form or style of outdoor advertising.


Studies says that it a great way to approach a lot of new and existing customers. It must be clear that at one glance the message is conveyed, it should be concise and no information overload, the designs color combination must be attractive and the essence is comprehensible and not confusing to the on lookers.


Window signs that are properly presented or designed are the most economical or cost effective style to get your trade noticed. You may even be told that with window signs you have an excellent method to put your Company ahead from the rest in your competition. Actually advertising is available 24/7 for every body. And it's convenient since changes and additions can be done easily.