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Signs Banners Printing

Signs Banners Printing

Outdoor advertising that is composed of signs banners and billboard series is widely used in commercial plaza, churches, bus station, offices, landing, transportation channel and different government establishments.


Images advertising for different kinds of people and different kind of product is novel, it is considered unique, because of its huge size, its visual distance is wide, and it attract many audience number, night visual effect is very attractive and can create a big influence on the onlookers because of its strong visual impact. It is the best choice for the outdoor visual media. 

It is good idea for enterprises to promote and advertise their brand name, since it is the symbol of strength excellent business or enterprises. Most especially if the signage, banner and billboard is combine with dynamic graphic design and projected LED screen, and placed on a base with a 360 overall effect of rotation to make the effect become wonderful .the Innovation" in 2000 tend to provide clients with strong traditional and digital imaging integration capacity.


As well as the high-end professional digital video images produced basic, and it is extended into the field of digital textile printing, and its excellent and stable and remarkable product quality and good service has been recognized for a long time and become more popular in international enterprises specially in the screen printing service