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Sign Printing

Sign Printing

Sign printing is the act of taking a specific kind of design, and with various kinds of graphics, and applying it to a 2 or 3 dimensional surfaces creating words, imaged and/or pictures.

Advertising with the use of signage must have developed it a long time before. Visual graphic that successfully give out information to the viewers is generally known as Signage. This is usually manifested in a way that finds information in places such as roads or divisions and departments of buildings. Here are the different types of signages: MCFT (Modular Curved Frame Technology), neon signage, modular signage, custom made signage, oil stock signage, LED sign (light-emitting diodes technology), digital signage, architectural signage etc.

Digital signage is the newest innovation in the field of advertisement. It uses LCD, LED or Plasma technology. It is actually gaining popularity because it has modernized the static signage procedure. Projected images are part of the so called digital signage. The elements can be exchanged easily, animations can be displayed, and the signs can be patterned to the context and viewers.

Signage is an effective and an efficient method, because it constantly reminds the onlookers of the brand's availability in the market. Its logos, promos, and locations are made to attract the consumers. This is a good way of building and mentioning a business. Ironically, our roads and highways are not lined with trees anymore, but with all variations of signage.