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Sign and Banners

Sign and Banners

These are very useful materials in advertising. It can be use to promote sales, to announce an event or promotions, it may include pictures or images to give any message to your target audience. Signs and banners give very detailed and important information about your company, or teams or product. It is designed to catch people attention. It can be both indoor and outdoor.


Vinyl banners are one of the most commonly use in advertising. You can see it almost everywhere. They are colorful and attractive with bold prints to catch your attention. Signs and banners are also strategically located. Remember that you want to be unique and you want to stand out, you want to be notice and be known.


Signs and banners will be very helpful and effective way to promote your company or to give that message.Signs and banners don't only include texts, you put your company logo, or any other images you like to make more enticing, but remember to keep it precise, readable and effective banner. In designing a banner you must consider the following; first is the color.


Bright colors are more readable and eye catching; background-background color usually is white or light colored so that the text will be seen; fonts must be bold and large enough to be readable; it must be strategically located or visible anywhere in all angles; and the size of your banner, it must big enough for the text to be readable from a distance.