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Roller banner stand

Roller banner stand

Roller banner stands are portable display arrangements, which are ready and easy to transport. They are used at exhibitions, in points of sale, in shops or stores, at road shows and advertising events. Roller banner stands are perfect for marketing teams on the go as well as for point of sale and promotional events. Without complicated handling the graphic can be unrolled instantly.

 Roller Banners are one of the most efficient ways of exhibiting graphics, but how do you choose the best roller banner selection? Many have warrantees, assembly directions and come highly suggested but others are little more than inexpensive copies that in the long way could cost you money. Roller banner stands are a best seller. You can get it ready in just few seconds. You can use roller banner stands for project presentations or incorporating it into a |greater exhibition display

 Graphics should really be high quality. Published onto polyester and printed with a tough scratch resistant surface. Roller Banner Stands require no skills and no tools

 Features & benefits -

 • Lightweight component parts

• Re-usable easy-change snap tip rail

• Changeable graphic application

• Twist out stands foot for stability

• Height adjustable

• Come with quality padded carry bag