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Out Door Banners

OUT DOOR BANNERS are banners that is placed out side, it is exposed to heat sun and wind so since its in the outdoor space, it needs weatherproofing and must be able to be carried and relocated. Whether light or heavy, outdoor banners should have proper storage provision and extra care in handling must be made.


The types of material for an out door banner can vary from vinyl to canvass depending on the length of time of expected exposure and the weather condition on the place where it will be exposed or displayed.


There are several types of our door banner that advertisers can choose from. And one of them is the flying banner, usually it is made of fabric either knitted polyester or nylon, silk screen is used in printing it thru heat transfer or sublimation. It's attached to a pole and hangs loose like a flag.


The other is flex banner is a typical applications of front lit vinyl include super billboards for outdoor signage and wide-format digital printings. There is what we call PVC knife coated frontlet flex banner. This is suitable for low temperature area, large billboard advertising, for high resolution printing, high tearing strength. It can stand strong wind blow and minor storms. Used mainly for outdoor billboards.