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Foam Board Printing

Foam Board Printing

Foam board is a tough and durable, but very light in weight. It is made up of material than can be easily cut. This material is being used for backing, mounting of any photographic prints, in doing some framings, and in the creation of 3D design and painting. It is made up of three layers — first is the inner layer of polystyrene wrapped with outer cover of either white clay coated paper or sometimes dark brown Kraft paper.

A regular Foam cored materials has a cladding of solid styrene combined with other hard plastic sheeting, with a textured finishing.

. The foam tends to melt away and dissolve when used with other glue only Elmer's White glue stick better and do well in casual settings, the water in this glue can warp the fibers in the layers outside. Good results are normally derived from the expensive spray adhesives like 3M's Super 77. In case it's not available a hot glue gun may be a substitute, but the low viscosity of hot glues are visible in finished projects, bubbles, and some unsightly blemishes. In the market today self adhesive foam boards, looks like a perfect idea for mounting works, it is hard to get right, because the glue dries fast. It is cheaper to buy plain one and then repositionable spray mount to avoid many mistakes.

Foam core which is another name for foam board is normally used in creating architectural models, replicas of small objects and create patterns for casting. Scenery for landscapes model displays and dioramas and in games as well. Photographers use them as a reflector and in the design industry in mounting of designs in the presentations of new products.