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Wedding Shows- Think big!

You might be a professional wedding planer, or a highly skilled photographer, and you think in how to promote your business by putting ads in magazines, or you might build a website for more traffic. While you are driving you stumble upon a lawn sign in florescent orange that says "Wedding Expo", and you say "thats it" I need to promote my services at wedding shows!

You call and book a section and you are ready to tell the whole world about your great products and services. You can't help to notice that in the trade show chart there are ten more companies that do what you do. You realize that your section needs to stand out, and you can't use markers and construction paper for signs for your signage. What do you do to make your booth bigger and better than the rest of the competition.

You have nothing to fear Imagination Works has been working for the wedding expo industry and making it affordable for over ten years. We can make you booth stand out by creating unique business cards, brochures, professional media walls, table throws, and how to prepare for this big day.

Wedding shows can generate a good amount of leads (if your representation is done correctly). We can show you what to do and what not to do if your planning to exhibit in a wedding expo as well.

Wedding Shows- Don't Do

What is wrong with this these trade show exhibits? Do you see anything wrong with this picture? Let's analyze in detail what you shouldn't do if your exhibiting.

1. Your not going to make an impression by sitting down and be chatting with your partner or co-worker. You might as well play checkers.

2. Having your sign as big as a 8.5x11 paper, kind of makes the potential client think that your cheap. therefore your quality is just that. Your sign should be big and colorful.

3. Wearing jeans and exhibiting shows the client how serious you are in getting their business. You should always be wearing your best suit or outfit to impress the potential client.

As you can see the people standing up are the ones who are talking to potential clients, and the other group sitting down is not getting any interaction.

Wedding Expo Strategy

Plan out how your going to present your booth to others , how your appearance looks, and how your booth graphics will talk for you. Here is another example of a good and poor tradeshow booth at a wedding expo. The picture on the left you have the two young girls ready to go at a beach party with their flip flops and their cut off denim skirts with shredded ends after they finish promoting a professional wedding photography. On the other hand, you have the couple dressed up professional, they are always smiling, they have their marketing material in their hands, and their backdrop is impressive and inviting.