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Display banner Printing

Display banner Printing

A presentation system for exhibiting a banner, the scheme including a banner made of non-rigid sheet material, a frame system to support the banner and a rising system connectable to the frame and a pair of extensions for the passage way and receiving an attachment.


Banner Stands are extensive for trade shows, point-of-sale applications, presentations and they are affordable for the exhibitors. Provide a cost efficient way of getting your message across.


Show your company message for less with exhibit stands. Select from a large option of quality Vinyl banner stands to present your business message at trade shows, company events, meetings, Church events and advertisement locations to get attention to special advancements. In addition, Retractable displays will be great for your trade show booth, too.


Retractable Banner Stands are made of lightweight material but durable aluminum. And its bases are foldable. Pop up stands does not take too much time to setup or put-down.

Now a days, many business or companies prefer using printed banners in addition to their posters. They assume that passerby used to look at images or graphics around them. In that way advertisers will come up having a lot of viewers and in that point they will take advantage of the opportunity having people gathered. By then they will introduce their products and service


There are a lot of trading company that specialized in exhibition display .This product category of display and advertisement covers moving banner, to name a few there are what we call the L-Banner, the x-banner, the v-banner, the Multi-banner, the post stand, and the outdoor banner,, banner stand, the pop up, the acrylic display stands, the light box and the store fixtures. All products are made in vinyl with high quality and attractive design. They are very good for exhibition display and excellent for promotion display and store display. It can also produce and provide products and concepts according to your specification & design.

The L-banner Stand is perfect for exhibition and advertising. L-stand banner is suitable in presenting a modern type exhibition banner, special and unique arc model frame like L, portable is easy to fix, recommended for various exhibitions, trade shows and promotion of different occasions like in stores, malls and shopping centers. Most advertisers and promoters are interested in using banner stands and retractable banners since it is ideal for professional presentations. The market offer several banner stands in varying sizes and styles, and have affordable prices. Post-Up Stand is the other term for it and another is the retractable banner stand which is perfect for trade shows and advertising campaigns. Retractable banner stands are portable and can be set up in less than one minute. Sure to draw attention and captivate your audience